Bess drawing tink

Bess drawing a portrait of Tink

Art-talent fairies are easily inspired to create works of art, like portraits, statues, or just simply sketches. Colors also mean a lot to art fairies — they believe each color has a strong meaning and personality that will affect their work. They are the ones who paint on the petals of flowers, the spots on ladybugs, the stripes on bees, wings of butterflies, and the color of leaves in both in Pixie Hollow, and when changing the seasons in the Mainland. When Tinker Bell arrived in Pixie Hollow and destroyed the preparations for spring in Tinker Bell, she created a gadget called the Flower Sprayer, which can paint ladybugs, flowers and other things much faster. Since then, many of the art-talent fairies use this to change the seasons faster.

Just like fairies from other talents, they give importance to beauty. But the art-talents are the ones who take beauty more seriously than others. This talent has contributed a lot to the beauty and flair of Pixie Hollow. The glass charms hanging all around the Home Tree, the dazzling chandelier of many colors in the Lobby, the paintings in the Corridor of Talents, and of course, the color of the flowers all over Pixie Hollow ere all works of art-talent fairies.


These fairies wear mainly browns, oranges, and blues. Many also wear red and purple, but not as often. The females wear pants under their skirt and top/ dress. If one chooses to wear a skirt, it would be more of a miniskirt and if they wear a top it would most likely be short sleeve, but sometimes they wear sleeveless shirts. If one wears a dress it normally has short sleeves also.


Their hairstyle is normally medium length or long. These fairies wear their hair up in a high or low ponytail. Their hair color ranges from light brown to dark brown.


Spring Valley


Known Art Talents


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