Blaze Profile

Notable Films

Blaze is a firefly who first appeared in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure on Tinker Bell's adventure to the Lost Island north of Never Land. He now lives with the tinkers and helps them just like Cheese.

In the films

He met Tinker Bell in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, after he fell into her pixie dust balloon on her journey to find a new moonstone. Although he initially ate all the food he found in the balloon basket, he was helpful to Tink in various way such as giving her light to see her map. Afterward, he went back to Pixie Hollow with her, where he presumably still lives.

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, he goes to Fairy Camp with Tinker Bell and appears briefly at the beginning and end of the film.

In Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games, he makes a cameo.




Video Games



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