Camp Pixie Dust is an event in Pixie Hollow (online game). It first started in 2010.  It consists of training talents, quests, and more. 


The Never Council and Lyria promoting the Camp Pixie Dust in a Never News post.

It is celebrated in the summertime.  In 2011, it involved training for Pixie Hollow Games (event in Pixie Hollow Online).

The event corresponded with the Great Games (2010), the Summer Splash Party, and the End of Summer Sparkler (didn't correspond with that in 2010).


  • Lyria Campfire Stories
  • Camp Crafts
  • Camp Silly Sweets (earned in the meadows, started in 2012)
  • Tearoom Banners and Snowcap Glade decorations (not in 2011)
  • Ballroom Pool
  • Camp Uniforms at Cassie's
  • Camp Challenges (started in 2013)
  • Troop Hideouts (started in 2013)

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