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"Wait, you're afraid of mud, but you're a garden fairy?" "Oh my gosh! Are you serious? Do you hear that Ro? We're still in it!"

"Dig deep and break the streak!"

Chloe is a new garden-talent fairy who appears in Pixie Hollow Games. Determined to compete despite the garden fairies' longstanding losing streak, Chloe studied, trained, and volunteered for the games.  She is the main deuteragonist of the film.

Disney Fairies Franchise

Pixie Hollow Games (2011)

Chloe, who trained and studied for the Pixie Hollow Games, eagerly volunteered to enter the event believing that she could end the garden fairies' losing streak.  But Chloe's enthusiasm was equally matched by her already-reluctant partner Rosetta's disgust at things like riding frogs and sliding down slime slides.  However, in the end Rosetta pulled herself together for the last competition.  They nearly lost due to Rumble's cheating, but Rumble's more honest partner Glimmer refused to cross the finish line before they did, putting the team in first place.




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