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Cubby or Curly is a lost boy, he is the toughest of all the others. He is large and wears a bear suit.

In the films

Peter Pan

He first appears when jealous Tinker Bell, convinces him and the other lost boys to shoot down Wendy. Though she told them that she was a "Wendy Bird", she almost died but was saved by Peter Pan. Later, the lost boys took Michael and John on a indian hunt, they got caught by the indians but were set free when Peter saved Tiger Lily. After the indian party they were captured by Captain Hook, all except Peter Pan. Him and the other lost boys were going to go to the Mainland with Wendy but had decided they weren't ready for it.

Return to Never Land

He and the others appear the same and are still with Peter Pan after all those years. When, they see Jane they think she will be their mother but she was not interested which disappointed them. Later when Tink's light went out they taught Jane how to have fun in order to save Tink's life. They are later captured by Captain Hook, and are saved by Jane and Peter.

In the books

In Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, they all watched Peter talk about the clamshell he found. Peter was in love with it since Tinker Bell made a wish that he would.

He appears in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, with Peter and the other lost boys. Gwendolyn was supposed to act as their mother but instead spent most of her time with the fairies. Later, Gwendolyn said goodbye to them and left.

In Tink, North of Never Land, Tinker Bell spotted him playing hide-and-seek with the others. They then went to look for Tootles, putting them in danger with a tiger. Tink saved them, then left the boys returned to their game.





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