There are many significant differences between the books and the films.

  • The books are set after the events of Peter Pan (Tinker Bell is shy about getting into a relationship with Terence after Peter broke her heart pursuing Wendy), but the movies are set before (Tinker Bell's "birth" is shown and she later delivers a repaired music box to a young Wendy Darling.)
  • A fairy's "birth" is different. In the books, a laugh simply travels to Never Land and transforms into a fairy, but in the films Tinker Bell's laugh was carried on a dandelion seed which transformed when Terence poured a cup of pixie dust on it. It also appears that the place Tink was "born" in is a special area intended for just such a purpose; in the books no such place is used.
  • In the books, Tinker Bell expects the new fairy Prilla to know what her talent is; in the movie, a special test is used to determine Tink's talent.
  • The books mention many menial and extremely specialized talents (eg, pancake-flipping), but the movies make use of fewer and more generalized talents.
  • In the books, pixie dust is made by grinding the shed feathers of Mother Dove. In the movies, it flows from within the Home Tree.