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Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.
If Never Land teaches us anything, it's that friendship makes us stronger. Just ask Terence! So get to know your Never Friends by clicking any of the images below. Don't see a fairy you're looking for? Explore our database a bit more deeply.
TinkThumb SilThumb RosettaThumb IridessaThumb FawnThumb
Tinker Bell Silvermist Rosetta Iridessa Fawn
VidiaThumb ClankThumb BobbleThumb FairyMThumb TerenceThumb
Vidia Clank Bobble Fairy Mary Terence


Go to the Mainland.
Some of the most interesting stuff about Pixie Hollow isn't in Never Land at all. Join us for an exploration of the real-life stuff associated with the franchise. We're building a database of all the actors, directors, writers and other crew members who help keep the Pixie Dust Tree flown'. Here are some of our favourites:
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If you're fluent in French, Spanish or German, you might want to help one of our sister wikis grow.
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Welcome to the Disney Fairies Wiki!

Are you keeping a good, scientific journal just like the one Lizzie Griffiths did? If so, help us write articles about everything you see in the Never Land! Just make sure you follow a few simple editing tips.

Importantly, this wiki allows information from movies, books, comic strips — anything that is officially published by Disney. So make sure you cite your sources, so that readers know where you're getting your facts!

Find your talent.
Tinker Bell Feature First Six Minutes Sneak Peak06:13

Tinker Bell Feature First Six Minutes Sneak Peak

How many talents are there in Never Land? Why, as many as there are jobs to be done! Take a look at some of the talents and see just what fairies keep themselves busy with! (Oh, and reload the page to get a whole new set of talents!)

Animated Movies

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