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"Oh, what atrocious spelling!"

General Editing/Content

  • Do not add information that isn't actually relevant to Disney Fairies. If a character or subject has never appeared or is never mentioned in Disney Fairies in any way, do not add it. That includes fan characters and Pixie Hollow player characters, as well as non-Disney Fairies media such as Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
  • In general, fan content and creations are not allowed. The only exceptions are pages that link to offsite fan creations and resources, eg, the fansite page.
  • Check your spelling, and keep things consistent. "Tinker Bell" and "Never Land" are both two words 'round these parts.
  • Use correct capitalization, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Link to other articles when relevant.
  • Cite the book or movie in which an event or fact a page describes happened as often as you possibly can.
  • Be detailed. Vague descriptions don't help anyone.
  • Categorize your articles! It makes it much easier to find things when articles are put into their proper categories.
  • Content in the Trivia section of an article should never restate information that's found in the rest of the article.  It's primarily for information that's relevant and interesting, but has no other place to go.

Keeping Objective

  • Keep your personal opinions and speculations out of the articles. For example, "Rosetta may have come from the laugh of a southern belle" or "There may not be many fairies in this talent guild" are speculation and do not belong in the wiki.
  • Unless you're quoting a character, the word "I" has no place in any article whatsoever.

Picture Guidelines

  • Pictures are nice, but resist the urge to put every picture of something on its page before adding a picture to a page or gallery.  If it's virtually identical to a picture that's already on the page or doesn't show anything about a character or object that another picture doesn't show already, don't add it.
  • When adding pictures, take time to find large, crisp ones and crop them if the subject takes up only a small fraction of the picture.
  • Make sure the file's name actually contains what the picture shows.  For example, if your picture of Rosetta drinking tea is named something like "Tumblr_xxxxxxxxxxxxx_500.jpg," change it to something like "rosetta-drinking-tea.jpg."
  • Pictures from the Disney Fairies movies and books are preferred.  Clipart, fanart, coloring book pictures, and pictures from non-DF media are only to be used when there are no other pictures available, and should be replaced by a picture from a DF source as soon as one is available.
  • Don't use pictures that are only marginally relevant to the page's topic, either; eg, a picture of Rosetta drinking a cup of tea on the garden-talent page is right out.

Basically, under no circumstances should your article look like this:


How NOT to write an article.


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