Doves are a species on Never Land. They are commonly white with the typical dove features.

In the books

Mother Dove 1

Tinker Bell and Mother Dove

Two doves appear in the books - Mother Dove, whose molted feathers provide fairy dust and who guards the magical egg that keeps the inhabitants of Never Land from growing old, and Brother Dove, who flies Rani wherever she needs to go. Both Mother Dove and Brother Dove are portrated as sapient. They also have a cousin named Cousin Dove.

In the films


Terence on a dove.

Even though the fairies can fly, they still use doves to travel to and from the Mainland (possibly to conserve pixie dust). They are used for carrying important equipment, especially by tinker-talent fairies. Unlike the doves in the books, they show no signs of sapience.

Known Doves


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