A fairy's hygiene is quite different from ours.

How fairies clean and groom themselves differ from our methods in many ways. Most fairy combs and hairbrushes are made from pine needles, and fairies typically clean their teeth by chewing on peppermint leaves. Most fairies use fragrant orange blossom petals as washcloths. When the fairies are away from the Home Tree, they find soapstone to wash their hands.

Because wet wings are dangerous (a fairy can't fly with water-logged wings), wing-washing talents clean fairies' wings for them.  Bathtubs made from coconut shells are installed in the Bathing Branches, which have slots in them for fairies to hold their wings up and keep them dry.  Queen Clarion uses a similar bathtub, though hers is made of sculpted pewter.  Whenever a fairy wants to take a bath, they call on a bath-drawing-talent fairy.


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