Fairy Mary's Day Off

Fairy Tale Theater

Fairy Mary's Day Off was a play on Pixie Hollow Online performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on December 1, 2009 until January 11, 2010 than re-released on October 19, 2010 until December 8, 2010 and is currently playing at Fairy Tale Theater right now. It features the characters Fairy Mary, Copper, Tin, and Tinker Bell. Fairy Mary finally has a day off but it seems like the other tinkers are lost without her. Costumes for the characters are available at Cassie's Costume Shop.


FAIRY MARY: "Oh, wonderful! A whole day off to myself!"
(Use Tea Pitcher Prop)
FAIRY MARY: "The beach, cool iced tea, a good book, maybe a nap --"
(Copper Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Fairy Mary, I can’t find the meadow grass measuring tape."
COPPER: "Or the bark pliers. Or the shell trimmers."
FAIRY MARY: "What’s this? They’re all in the supply cabinet."
COPPER: "Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Copper Exits - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Now where was I?"
(Tin Enters - Use Door)
TIN: "Fairy Mary, what should we do with the new wheels?"
FAIRY MARY: "Tin, you know those go to Clank and Bobble."
TIN: "Oh, right. Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Tin Leaves - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Now let me see, what was I doing?"
(Tink Enters - Use Door)
TINKER BELL: "Fairy Mary, what do we do about the broken table?"
FAIRY MARY: "Well, fix it, of course!"
TINKER BELL: "Okay. Thanks, Fairy Mary. Enjoy your day off!"
(Tink Exits - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Teetering teapots, I haven’t even had my tea yet!"
(Copper Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Sorry to bother you again, Fairy Mary."
COPPER: "I can’t find the twig polisher."
FAIRY MARY: "That’s impossible!"
(Tink Enters - Use Door)
TINKER BELL: "Sorry to interrupt, Fairy Mary, but you know that table?"
TINKER BELL: "It sort of fell apart."
FAIRY MARY: "Moon and stars, what is going on?"
FAIRY MARY: "You’re all acting like you’ve never tinkered before!"
FAIRY MARY: "The twig polisher is always with the bark pliers."
COPPER: "Oh. I guess I didn’t see them."
FAIRY MARY: "And the wheels are the right size. I measured them!"
TIN: "I wondered about that."
TIN: "Bobble wasn’t wearing his glasses when he checked them."
FAIRY MARY: "And if the table fell apart, then make a NEW table."
FAIRY MARY: "You DO know how to do that, don’t you?"
TINKER BELL: "Of course I know!"
FAIRY MARY: "Then all of you, flap to it!"
(Copper, Tin and Tink Exit - Use Door)
FAIRY MARY: "Some day off this turned out to be."
FAIRY MARY: "There’s only one thing to do ..."
(Fairy Mary Enters - Use Door)
COPPER: "Fairy Mary!"
TIN: "What are you doing here?"
TINKER BELL: "It’s your day off!"
(Use Work Table Prop)
FAIRY MARY: "I think I’ll get more rest here than I will at the beach!"
FAIRY MARY: "Good night!"


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