Never Fairy
Voice Actress
"Gather garden fairies! It is now time to pick who will represent us in the games this year."

This is Fern the movie character for Fern the book character, see Fern (books).

Fern is another garden fairy who first appeared in Pixie Hollow Games. She is described as being pragmatic and organized. The last time she participated in the games, she slipped in slug slime and separated her septum and she is the main tritagonist after Iridessa.

In the films

In Pixie Hollow Games, Fern chooses Rosetta to be Chloe's partner since Rosetta has never participated in the games before. She cheers them on throughout the film chanting "Dig down deep and break the streak!" with Chloe and the other garden-talents. And being especially proud when Rosetta and Chloe win the games.


  • Pixie Hollow Games
  • Tinker Bell And Pirate Fairy (Cameo)
  • Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast (Cameo)

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