Four Clues for Rani

Four Clues for Rani

Catherine Daly
Judith Holmes Clarke

Adrienne Brown
Merry Clingen
Loren Contreras

Jillian Clark
Random House
Publication date
January 11, 2011
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Four Clues for Rani is the twentieth chapter book published by Random House for the Disney Fairies franchise.


For two weeks, Pixie Hollow has been in a terrible dry spell. Everyone is frazzled, especially Rani and the other the water fairies. When the dry spell finally ends, Queen Clarion decides it's time for a treat—a Fairy Treasure Hunt! But on the day of the treasure hunt, Rani wakes up late. Her friends all have partners already, so Rani is stuck with the slowest-moving sparrow man around. To make things worse, she has a bet with Vidia. If Vidia finishes before her, Rani will have to do whatever the fast-flying fairy wants. This is one contest Rani can't let herself lose!



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