Great games day

Every few seasons, all the fairies in Pixie Hollow come together for the Great Games Day. On this day, fairies compete against other members of their talent group in specialized games. Events include the Potato Heft, the Carrot Toss (much like a javelin contest), Swift Diving, Leapfrog Races, Water Skating (in which water-talent fairies gracefully glide over the surfaces of still ponds or puddles), and a Fast-Flying Race. Since fairies dislike being bound by rules, they often make them up as they go along.[1]



  • Leapfrog Race


  • Potato Heft
  • Carrot Toss

Fast Flying

  • Obstacle Course


  • Ladle Croquet



  1. In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow

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