Hem is a sewing-talent fairy who is seen several times in the book series. She has plump cheeks and light blond hair.

In the books

At the end of A Masterpiece for Bess, she appears. Hem has sewn a peony pink frock and shows it off. This is a new fad, following the fad of Bess's artwork. Hem gets overwhelmed when the fairies crowd around her, wishing for a dress just like hers.

Rosetta's Dress Mess

In Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse, Fira and Silvermist followed her to see if a pin would fall, so Silvermist could have good luck. While in the sewing room, Silvermist caused all the pins to go everywhere. Hem politely informed her that the sewing room is a bad place for her to be with bad luck.


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