Tinker Bell, Bess, and Prilla at the Library

The Library sits on a branch just above the kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are filled with books on every imaginable subject. A small group of scribe-talents constantly add new volumes to the shelves. The library is a treasure trove of fairy knowledge. However, fairies are often so busy with their own talents that they forget to visit. Unlike other parts of the Home Tree, it is never crowded and is always a peaceful place to read.[1] There are many sections for every subject imaginable. In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure, Rani states that there are no librarians in the library but that is not true since the scribe-talents serve that role.

Known Books and Sections




  • The History of Never Land

Luck: Good and Bad

  • Beware the White Ladybug
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Never Bad Luck/Always Good Luck

Unknown Sections

  • Folksong of Earthworms
  • How to Make Perfume for Skunks
  • The History of Dragons
  • The Secret of the Dancing Clams

Wingology (appeared at the Secret of the Wings )


  1. In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow
Sil & Fira at the Library

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