Lily's Pesky Plant


Kirsten Larsen Judith Holmes Clarke
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Lily is a kindhearted garden-talent fairy, and she derives great joy from the beautiful flowers she nurtures with equal parts of patience and love. The other fairies in Pixie Hollow also enjoy her garden, not only for its beauty, but for food and healing herbs as well. One day Lily chances upon an unfamiliar seed plants it with the help of Iris, another garden fairy. The mystery plant grows quickly but not prettily: it looks ugly and smells worse! Then the bad smell attracts swarms of wasps, which are lethal to fairies. After that danger passes, pink pollen blankets everything, interfering with the fairies' magic and threatening to prevent them from flying. After a rainstorm rids Pixie Hollow of the pollen, two fairies get stuck in the plant's sap and then are almost killed by an owl. This is the last straw and, to Lily's great dismay, the fairies take sides for and against destroying the plant. Just as it appears hopeless Iris flies in bearing delicious golden fruit, courtesy of Lily's strange plant.


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