Lucy Profile

Notable Appearances

Lucy is a firefly who appeared in Tinker Bell to the Rescue and Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure. She is rather small for a firefly.

In the books

She first appears in Tinker Bell to the Rescue, when Thistle carries on her plot against Tinker Bell in the Kitchen, where Lucy was stationed as a latern. Thistle puts nasty grass extract on one of the pots Tink fixed. Fira, her trainer, and Beck manage to find out who did it thanks to Lucy.

In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure, Lucy has caught the firefly flu and roams into the Never Mine. Tink and Rani went after her, but became lost in what seems like a maze. Rani tried to send Fira a bubble message, but it was weak. By some miracle Fira figured it out and cam to their rescue along with a mining-talent, Pit.




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