Precious, a mining-talent fairy

This is a sub-talent of scouting-talent. Mining-talent fairies mine all kinds of metals for the fairies of Pixie Hollow to use. Because the work is difficult, they only mine once a month, during the full moon.[1] They have the ability to manipulate earth as well to aid in their mining. They have a love for gems and precious metals, same as how the tinker-talents love metalic objects. They are said to be very moody and depressing. They take expeditions into their caves monthly. Because their work requires less flying, their wings are a bit smaller than fairies of other talents.[2]


Normally a light gray or brown colored outfit. Females as well as males, both wear a top and medium length pants.


The females and males both have the similar medium length haircut. Normally blonde, black, or brown colored hair.

Known Mining-talent fairies


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