Never fairies are fairies that live in Never Land. They're the main characters in the Disney Fairies franchise, and they are the primary residents of Pixie Hollow.[1]

Birth of a Fairy

A Never fairy is created when a human baby laughs for the very first time. The laugh usually becomes one of the types of fairies that live on the mainland, but sometimes it finds its way to Never Land and becomes a Never fairy.

When a Never fairy is "born" it appears to be a teenager or young adult and will remain so in appearance, although its nose and lower wings will grow somewhat.[2] New fairies appear wearing what is referred to as an Arrival Garment. All fairies cast a lemon-yellow glow, though depending on the fairy's health and mood the brightness and hue may change. An unhealthy or sickly fairy will cast a dim, greenish glow [3]. An excited fairy will glow more brightly, and a blushing fairy will glow orange. [1]

Some laughs arrive in Never Land incomplete, which results in an incomplete fairy - they may have a speech impediment, believe the words "mattress" and "chicken" rhyme, have missing ear tips, or only half their bodies would glow.[2]  Occasionally, a laugh may split into two or more pieces and create complete fairy siblings.


The average Never fairy stands at five inches tall (12.7 cm). They weigh next to nothing: a fairy sitting in your palm feels no heavier than a handful of dandelion fluff. Excepting siblings, a fairy's wing pattern is unique and no two are ever the same. Never Fairies do not feel pain in their wings. They normally glow lemon yellow edged with gold.[4]

Fairies can appear to be of any ethnicity in both the movies and books, although they often have button noses.

In the films, however, it appears that some features and talents may be more likely to go together: for example, most Ice-talent fairies had either white or black hair, and many Light-talent fairies had dark hair and skin.

Humans & Fairies

If the child who created the fairy stops believing in fairies, then that fairy will die unless saved by a concerted effort of belief by children, courtesy of Prilla.[2]

In the book continuity children can see fairies but adults cannot[2], but adults in the movie continuity have no trouble seeing them.[5]

When a fairy goes to the mainland, if they find the person who laughed them up, the fairy and person can both sense it. The fairy can also stay with that person forever if they want. They can become best friends, but the fairy is only allowed to show themselves to that person, and no one else.


Each fairy has a talent - that is, a skill (whether magic or mundane) that he or she is born with the ability and knowledge to perform.[2] Never fairies use their talents to contribute to their communal society in both continuities, and in the movies, bring seasons to the Mainland.[6]


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