Numi Profile

Notable Books

"You're going to live at the bottom of Mermaid Lagoon in a beatiful castle!
to Iridessa and Tinker Bell

Numi is a never mermaid with bluish-black hair, violet eyes, a maroon tail, and a red-and-purple tunic. Like Silvermist, she has a pretty Asian appearance.

In the Books

In Iridessa, Lost at Sea, she and Oola were sitting on a rock when they saw Iridessa and Tinker Bell. Iridessa impresses her and she decides to keep them. Iridessa than gave her a pretty flower to distract her, she dropped them. Oola and Numi fought over who got to keep the flower, Numi saying that is was her fairy that gave her.



  • Numi is the name of an type of Arabic tea. It also is a Latin name.



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