Never Fairy
Voice Actress
Rosario Dawson

Nyx is a scout fairy who appears as the main antagonist in Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. She appears to be the leader of the scouting-talents as she warns Queen Clarion of trouble directly and also issues orders to the other scouting-talent fairies.

The Scouts

Nyx's main group includes the scouts Fury, Chase, Di and Shade.

Initially, Nyx shows some distrust of Fawn due to Fawn's habit of caring for dangerous animals close to or within Pixie Hollow--including snakes, hawks, etc. Nyx also perceives the Neverbeast as a threat to Pixie Hollow due to her misinterpretation of the legend.

Nyx places the safety of Pixie Hollow's fairies above all else. She has a commanding presence and no-nonsense attitude but also softens when she is being affectionate with her friends. Nyx has skills in gymnastics, defensive flying, strategy, and fighting. Her weapon appears to be a black-and-white striped porcupine quill which matches the scouting-talent fairy uniform.

Scouts in air

The Elite Scouts

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