Orren Profile

Notable Books

"She thinks our work can wait. She thinks that Pixie Hollow doesn't need iron or metal. No, no, no. Don't mind us. We're just mining-talent fairies. Not important at all. Not like other talents."
- Orren to Fira after she suggested that wait a day to go on the expedition

Orren is a mining-talent sparrowman. He is good friends with Precious and Fira. He tends to be moody and a little depressing, as are most of the mining-talent fairies.

In the books

In Fira and the Full Moon, he first appeared when Fira asked him if he and the other mining fairies were going on the expedition. Fira helped led them through the mine with light, but the later got stuck when her light went out. Sparkle, Helios, and Glory then came to help and led them all the way out.



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