Pixie Hollow Games Play

Fairy Tale Theater

This is the Pixie Hollow Games play, you might be looking for the event Pixie Hollow Games or the special Pixie Hollow Games (special).

Pixie Hollow Games is a play/event on Pixie Hollow Online. The play was performed at Fairy Tale Theater. It was released on November 22, 2011 until December 6, 2011 after the premiere of the special. It consists of just a slideshow of the events that happened in the special.

As an event, this was to celebrate the release of the special.  Following Camp Pixie Dust, it was a training event, much like the special.  It involved releases of new quests, furniture, etc.

Each team got their own week to train and celebrate (Tinker, Water, Animal, Light, Garden, the only available talents currently in the game).



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