Prilla and the Butterfly Lie


Kitty Richards
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Prilla: "I like...," (sees butterfly outside window) "....butterflies! I like butterflies!"
Nettle: "Butterflies? Are you sure?"
Prilla: "Um...yes, I'm sure! Lovely butterflies. I just can't get enough of them. Such colorful, delicate creatures. They fly, you know. Aaaaallllll over the place. Fascinating."
-Prilla lies to Nettle

Prilla tries to help fairies with other talents, like caterpillar shearing, but gets into trouble when she tells her friend Nettle that she actually likes butterflies better than caterpillars in order to avoid having to help Nettle shear any more caterpillars. Butterflies are notorious tricksters, and lead Prilla on a merry chase. Prilla learns to stand up for herself and not try to make the other fairies like her by telling white lies.


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