Periwinkle, Spike, Gliss, Sled
Small, slender, and hand-sized with blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and pointy ears and wears a blue cap, shirt, and pants.
"Live it man!"
Voiced by
Benjamin Diskin

 Slush is a Glacier-talent from the film Secret of the WingsHe is voiced by Benjamin Diskin.

Disney Fairies's Franchise

Secret of the Wings (2012)

After her twin sister Periwinkle meets Tinker Bell, the fairy frost wishes to visit the heat of Pixie Hollow, Which is forbidden. However, Tink's friends create a snow making machine that is powered by ice. Slush is able to Provide a large block of ice from one of the glaciers in the Winter Woods. Later on, When the balance of the seasons is thrown off, the Pixie Dust Tree is in danger of being frozen. Slush and his friends notice this When Their Pixie Dust Fountain dries up, and the frost fairies go out to preserve the tree with frost. Slush stays behind and meditates at the fountain until the pixie dust is restored. In the end, When the law is abolished border, warm fairies are able to cross the long as Their wings are frosted. Slush is last seen helping Tink's friend Clank, Overcome his fear of glaciers.


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