The World of Fairies: At the Dawn of Pixie Hollow

At the Dawn of Pixie Hollow

Calliope Glass
Judith Holmes Clarke
Jeff Clark
Caroline LaVelle Egan
Denise Shimabukuro
Adrienne Brown
Maria Elena Naggi
Charles Pickens
Disney Storybook Artists
Disney Press
Publication date
October 27, 2009

The World of Fairies: At the Dawn of Pixie Hollow is an imformational book that explains many of the mythos in the first two movies, Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.


Past the second star on the right, nestled in the heart of Never Land, lies the realm of the Never Fairies. Fairies of all talents have always practiced their crafts here. Butterflies have always been herded, caterpillars sheared, and honeysuckle harvested. But long ago, Pixie Hollow was also a place where all four seasons coexisted. It was a very different era for Pixie Hollow - a Golden Age. Now you can learn all about the way things were long ago in the fairies' realm. This volume's abundance of fairy facts, profiles of your favorite pixies, and beautiful illustrations on every page makes it the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to uncover the secrets of the earliest recorded age of the Never fairies.

Featured Characters


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