Tinker Bell's Tea Party

Tinker Bell's Tea Party

Lara Bergen
Disney Storybook Artists
Disney Press
Publication date
July 29, 2008

Tinker Bell's Tea Party is a book telling the story of Tinker Bell's tea party. Tink has made a teacup out of never silver and can't wait to have a cup of tea, but her tea gets postponed many times by other fairies. It also includes information on fairy culture.


With all her work finished, Tinker Bell uses a piece of never silver that she's been saving to craft a beautiful and delicate teacup. Now she just needs some tea to drink from it! But making a cup of tea turns out to be more complicated than Tinker Bel thought. At each turn, one of her friends has an idea to make Tink's tea better: Rani thinks the tea should be made from morning dew; Lily wants to get Tink four-leaf-clover honey; Beck convinces Tink to add lavender cream; and Dulcie insists on baking huckleberry shortcake. Tinker Bell only wanted some simple tea, but now it seems the only thing to do is have a proper party. And that may turn out to be the best idea of all!



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