Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure

Paola Mulazzi
Courtney Faye Powell
Silvia Giannatti
Augusto Macchetto
Elisabetta Melaranci
Marina Baggio
Cristina Giorgilli
Stefania Santi
Andrea Greppi
Roberta Zanotta
Andrea Cagol
Gianluca Barone
Emilio Urbano
Manuela Razzi
Publication date
March 1, 2011
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Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure is the fifth graphic novel published by Papercutz with four full-color stories.

Wings of Fire

Spinner is telling the story of the spirit of wishes, but since he is a tall-tale-telling sparrowman Tinker Bell doesn't believe. When he called her close-minded Tink set out to find out the truth, starting at the Library. There she met Robin who helps her find the spirit of wishes and takes her all over Never Land. The next morning she wakes up in the Library with a present the wings of the spirit of wishes and she shows it to Spinner.

The Pirates Go Bananas

Tinker Bell and Terence are going to see the tiffens but when they get there they spot Captain Hook's crew stealing bananas. They met three sparrowmen who are friends of Spinner, their names are never revealed. Tinker Bell and Terence sneak onto the Jolly Roger and put fairy dust in the pirates food causing them to float into the sea. As thanks the tiffens gave them some bananas free of charge.

Beck's Beautiful Surprise

All the fairies are preparing for the animal-talent fairies party and Tink is looking for Beck. Beck is looking for her caterpillar friend Bruce, who Beck had told to never change but meaning his personality not appearance. Beck ran into Tink accidently breaking her metallophone. Tink and Beck search for Bruce running into Vidia who gives Beck an idea. Bruce had turned into a butterfly and was worried that Beck wouldn't like, Beck apologizes and they all have a great time at the party.

When the Little Lights Went Out

The light-show celebration is about to go on when Tinker Bell and Rani spot Lucy,one of Fira's fireflies wander off to the diamond mine. They find her sick with the Firefly flu but have no way to get out, meanwhile Fira's other fireflies are starting to feek sick. Rani sends a bubble message to Fira with her tears, the message barely makes any sense but Fira firgures it out. She and a Mining-talent, Pit, Tink is so happy to rescued she asks if she repay Fira and she does by helping give medicine to the fireflies.



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