Tinkerbell and the quest for the queen is disney fairies 5th tinkerbell movie.In the trailer , tink and her friends (not including periwinkle) end up in some kind of waterfall. There , all of their talents were switched. Tink became a water fairy , Rosetta became an animal fairy , Silvermist became a fast flying fairy , Irridesa became a garden fairy , Fawn became a light fairy and Vidia became a tinker fairy.My friends E-mail said tink and her friends go on a mission to find the queen of ledgend.She said the queen of ledgend was the only one who could swap their talents back to normal.I'm so excited about the new movies secret of the wings and the quest for the queen.The release date for quest for the queen is Spring 2014.It seems like a long time but remember there is another film to see .


Public Interviews & Release date News

I went out to the public and asked some of my friends what they thought.My friend Megan said she couldn't wait to see the new film.Most of my friends said the same about the film. I for one cant wait for the teaser trailer and clips to come out to public.I will? find the cinima release date for you.

Yours Truly

K.P Possible


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