Tor telling a scary story to fairies

Tor is a story-telling-talent sparrowman. Tor loves a good spooky tale. In fact, he specializes in the kinds of stories only you would tell at night, when the shadows that dance on the walls could be wolves, ghosts, or even monsters. But Tor only tells scary stories to entertain. He hates to upset his audience. After all, he knows what it's like to be frightened. He has a secret of his own that he'll never share: he's afraid of the dark!

In the books

He appeared in Tink, North of Never Land. In it he tells the story of the Pixie Dust Tree. This is the story that inspired Tinker Bell to go the Northern Beach of Never Land to look for pixie dust.



  • Tor shares his name with a book publishing company that publishes science fiction and fantasy stories.
  • He's Tinker Bell's favorite storyteller in the books.

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