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Twire is a scrap-metal-recovery-talent fairy. For her job, she melts down old pieces of metal so that they can be made into other useful things, and makes a lot of new things out of recovered scrap metal herself. She has an optimistic personality - she believes that most bad situations can be turned into good situations. Her shop is located on the third floor of the Home Tree. She is also one of Tinker Bell's friends.

In the books

She appeared in Vidia and the Fairy Crown, when Vidia asked her what had happened to the fairy crown. It turned out that she didn't notice the crown in the velvet bag she had picked up, so she sent it down the laundry chute to Lympia.

In Tink, North of Never Land, she found a compass that she wanted to melt down. But Tinker Bell wanted to fix it so she gave in to Tink.

Summer's rock pixies (footmen)



  • Her name likely comes from the English word twire, meaning "a twisted filament" or "thread." [1]
  • She resembles Bobble from the films.

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