Vidia and the Fairy Crown

Vidia Fairy Crown Manga

Haruhi Katou
Haruhi Katou
Publication date
185 (6 bonus pages)
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Vidia and the Fairy Crown is just like the book form, just told in comics. At the end are short comics and character profiles of the fairies.


Vidia is greedy and can sometimes be cruel,and is the fastest of the fast-flying-talent fairies, has been cast under a shadow of suspicion when one day the fairy Queen's crown was found missing. Queen Clarion called for a special meeting of everyone in Pixie Hollow. When no one seemed to have an answer to this problem and it looked as if Vidia was the culprit, Queen Ree turned to her and said, "Let's all gather again the day after tomorrow; we'll hold Vidia's hearing then, midmorning. Vidia, you will then have the chance to speak to the charges against you." Everyone believed that Vidia was guilty except for kindhearted Prilla, one of the youngest Never Fairies. This starts off the adventure of finding the Queen's crown and the lesson the Never fairies and sparrow men learn: not everything is as it seems.



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