Talent water
Water-talent fairies can manipulate water in astonishing ways. They are able to control it, forming it into various shapes or using it to create fountains. Water fairies are also able to create bubble messages.

Water fairies are often found exploring Pixie Hollow's waterways in boats made from leaves and in birch-bark canoes. These fairies also have a knack for divining and can seek out hidden sources of water. Only water-talent fairies can make bubble messages, which burst open only for the fairy who is meant to hear them. They have more water in them than other fairies, and as a consequence tears and other fluids run more easily. Although water fairies cannot swim, they find ways to frolic near water.[1] Many water fairies spend time near the Babbling Brook or Havendish Stream.

Appearance & Wardrobe

Most water fairies wear varying shades of blue, often accompanied by a trim color of the fairy's choice. No clothing style appears to be dominant; some prefer long, flowing dresses, while others wear shorter skirts or trousers. Hairstyles vary widely as well.



Known Water-talent fairies


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